30-45 Second Web Commercials 

(Special Introductory Rate) $1000

Special Offer

East Bay Films is offering an introductory package for small business

owners, and entrepreneurs located in the Bay Area for a flat rate of $1000.

The package covers the initial phone meeting or in-person meeting.

A 2-4 hour film shoot (on location of your business).  Gathering footage

of either the business environment, on-camera talent, and voiceover if

needed. You have the option of providing me with specific text to be

displayed.  Also if you have any logos, fonts, music, archival footage etc.

that you would like to add, I will need that sent to me. It also covers a

round of editing and a one-time free revision for any notes.

Upon completion, you will receive an HD 1080p link via youtube for

quick sharing, and a google drive link for download.

Schedule a meeting today! 

Please check out our previous videos for inspiration. 

Services We Currently Offer
Cinema and Video         Photography           Music            Computer Repair

- Director of Photography

- Steadicam Operator

- Drone Operator

- Pro cinema Gear

- DSLR Videography

- TV Brodacast

- Post Production  Editing

- Music Videos, Documentary, Live Event, Promos, Highlights, Crowd Funding, Weddings, Short Films, Full Length Features, Festivals, 

- Production Planning and Storyboarding

- Brainstorming and Idea Creation

- Event Photography

- Portraits

- Special Occasions

- Print Services

- Editing and Touch-ups

- In Studio or on locations

- Photo Booth Services

- Music Composition

- Audio Synching and Editing

- Session and Recording (Guitar,

Drums, Keyboard, Vocals)

- FX and Mastering

- Voiceover  Work

- Royalty Free Archive

- On-Site Audio Recording

- Both Mac and PC

- Build a computer from scratch

- Repair existing computer

- Install hardware and software

_ Design networks for small and large


- Teach basic how to on many programs

- Web development

-  25+ years computer Experience